Coaching Info

•    We explore your beliefs and thoughts about the goal(s) you want to reach
•    You set your overall goal and we break it down into smaller, manageable steps

Fruits & VegetablesNutrition

•    What kind of foods and liquids are you currently consuming
•    How much do you know about nutrition
•    What kind of adjustments are you ready to make that will bring you closer towards your goal



•    What are your current activities
•    What kind of activities do you enjoy
•    How much do you know about the components of fitness (cardiovascular training, muscular strength/endurance training, flexibility and stress relief)

journey                                                                                                                        Based on your goal(s) and preferences we structure your sessions for your journey. Yes, journey! Why? Because I do believe you didn’t go to bed last night having lots of energy, being at your preferred weight and fitness level or whatever it is you are trying to achieve, and you woke up today and it was all gone! 🙂
You did build up to where you are right now and we will work on building towards where you want to be! One step at a time at whatever pace you choose.

Who do I work with?

I work with individuals looking for long-term improvements in their overall health by addressing the components of nutrition, physical fitness, stress management and sleep.

Where do I work?

I work with individuals in Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell, San Jose and Santa Clara.

My preferred workplace is outdoors in a park or on a playground. I do work out of my home and am open to work at clients home.

What do you have to invest?

$75/60-minute session

$55/30-minute session